Kidtime Christian Academy FAQ's 

Please review our FAQs for answers to most of the common questions we receive on a regular basis

COVID-19 Guidelines and preparedness plan

What guidelines and policies have you implemented to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 at KCA?

We know that this is a very difficult and challenging time of uncertainty for all families and we are doing our best to meet and address those challenges. Like many other businesses, we have had to make many adjustments and changes to our program to ensure a healthy and safe environment for all. Please accept our apologies in advance as we navigate through this new normal.


Although these new guidelines and our preparedness plan our temporary, we don't know how long they will remain in effect and we will not be able to return back to our normal program until we have received final approval to do so by our state and local authorities and health officials.     


To help prevent the spread of COVID-19 we have implemented the following guidelines provided to us by the Virginia Department of Social Services. 


We have established communication protocols with VDSS and VDH, and we continue to closely monitor events.


We have increased indoor and outdoor circulation. added air purification systems in each classroom, as well as incorporated more outdoor playtime. 


If children, staff, or parents develop COVID-19 symptoms, we follow the guidance of the CDC, VDH, and federal and state officials.


Social Distancing at KCA

Staff and student ratio capacity has been reduced to 10 per room in support of the social distancing guideline. This reduces our total student ratios to 33 students on any given day until the restrictions have been lifted and directed by VDSS. 


Achieving “social distancing” with young children is very challenging and nearly impossible. Our team members are in close proximity to children because they need to provide care and supervision. Our team members do their best to teach preschool-aged children to maintain a safe social-distance from their peers as much as possible to limit physical proximity as best as they are able to. 

Our team members keep groups of children together to maintain consistency and help reduce exposure.


We have implemented small group activities and encourage our students to play individually and limit group activities.


We have physically rearranged our rooms as best as possible to promote individual play and small group interaction.


We feed children in their individual classes and we have rearranged our tables to ensure that there is at least six feet of space between groups,

We stagger recess and limit outside play to a total of 10 individuals at a time.

If an enrolled family member, child, or staff member test positive for COVID-19 

KCA administrators will notify all families and staff members, immediately close the school for deep cleaning and sanitization, and contact both VDSS and Virginia department of health for guidance and additional instructions prior to re-opening.

Any staff member or child that tests positive for COVID-19 must quarantine for a period of 14 days. After the quarantine period has ended, all parents of infected students and or staff members must have cleared Drs. note prior to returning back to KCA.  

Please note that in the event of someone becoming infected within our school. we will have to keep the school temporarily closed for up to 14 days or until we have been cleared by VDH. 


Staff awareness and daily health checks

All of our team members provide daily health checks and temperature checks upon entry for both staff and students. We also ask if medications were used to lower a child’s temperature and if there are any household members with COVID-19.


We have shared information on how to stop the spread of COVID-19 by promoting everyday protective measures and providing staff with face coverings and the option to wear a face-covering while at school.


Visible signs of sickness or fever 

Our team members are required to wear disposable gloves when screening children for illness.

If there are any visible signs of a child being sick or having a fever, we will immediately isolate the child from their peers and contact their parents to be picked up immediately. Any team member or child with a fever of 100.4° F or higher, cough, or shortness of breath must be excluded from our program and isolated from others.


If a team member or a child has any symptoms of sickness or fever not related to COVID-19, then parents will be required to keep their child at home and have their child tested for the illness. Prior to returning back to KCA, the parent must have an all-clear Drs. note to ensure that their child is healthy enough to return and not contiguous. 

If a team member is not feeling well or is sick, then we ask that team member to stay home and seek medical attention if they are displaying any symptoms related to COVID-19 or running a fever. Once they have received an all-clear from their Dr. they will need to provide our administrative team with their Drs. note prior to returning to work. 

Touchless and quick check-in and check-out

One of our friendly team members will perform daily check in-check outs outside of the front entrance. Each parent is required to provide their secure authentication credentials during check-in and check-out for each child.   


Handwashing and sanitizing

Staff and students are required to wash their hands after recess, after each visit to the restroom, before meal preparation, and before each snack and lunch is served. 


Team members use hand sanitizers and wipes to disinfect, clean, and sanitize frequently touched eliminate or dramatically reduce multiple individuals touching the same surface.


We advise children, families, and staff to help reduce the spread of germs by avoiding contact with their eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands and covering coughs or sneezes.


We clean and disinfect toys and surfaces with EPA-approved disinfectants, including porous and non-porous surfaces and linens.

We have removed play items like soft or plush toys that are not easily cleaned, sanitized, or disinfected.

Supplies, toys, and teaching materials

We have limited item sharing and shared teaching materials to those that can be easily cleaned and disinfected at the end of the day or more often as needed.

We have removed the sharing of electronic devices, toys, books, games, and learning aids.


We have removed and minimized the sharing of high touch materials to the extent possible (art supplies and limited use of supplies so that they can be cleaned and disinfected between uses.

Students belongings 

Parents are responsible for providing fresh daily reusable water bottles which are to be taken home each day for proper cleaning. Students can bring a single bag or backpack with them to carry their essential items. We keep each child’s belongings separated and in individually labeled cubbies.


Students must take their belongings home each day and parents are responsible for cleaning their belongings.

Can my child wear a face mask or face covering?  

We provide all families with the option to allow their child to wear a face mask or face covering, however, we cannot and will not force a child to keep their face mask or face covering on them because wearing a face mask through the school day is extremely challenging on young children and very challenging to supervise and manage. 


General Program FAQs

Where are you located?
We are conveniently located close to the charming town of Hamilton, VA. We are approximately 1.75miles from RT 7.

What are your school hours?
Due to COIVD-19 restrictions, we are open from 6:30am to 5:30pm Monday - Friday. The last half hour is used for additional cleaning and sanitization. 

Do you offer extended care?

Yes. Extended care is included with both our full-time and part-time programs but is limited to 10 hours a day. Extended care is not offered for our 2-year-old morning program.

Do you offer a certified curriculum?

Yes. We use the Creative Curriculum and the Gospel Light Curriculum. We are also a member of Virginia Quality and we have achieved a Level 2 Certification. We partner with Virginia Quality because it provides us with the flexibility and resources that lead to continuous quality improvement resources to ensure that every child is continuously learning, growing, and thriving. 

When are meals served?
We serve a morning snack at 9am and an afternoon snack around 2:30pm.. Lunch is served around 12:00pm. No provisions can be made to serve snacks after 8:45am..

What is your inclement weather policy?
We care about the safety and well being of all families, students and staff. We adhere to the Loudoun County School Inclement Weather Policy (Administrative Office Schedule) regarding delays or closures. If LCPS announces a 2-hour delay and admin offices are open on time, then we will be open on time. This helps us ensure safety for all. You may also call our office for further announcements and updates.  Additionally, we may also notify you of any changes via phone call, text messaging, twitter, or email if the severity of the weather causes us to open later or close early.​​

What is the latest I can pick my child up?
You must pick up your child no later then 12:00pm daily for the morning program and no longer then 10 hours if enrolled in our part-time or full-time program and no later then 5:30pm. We will enforce our late fee policy for late pick-ups. Our late policy can be found in our family handbook.

What is your discipline policy?
We redirect your child while teaching positive character traits and Conscious Discipline. More information regarding our discipline policy can be found in our KCA Family Handbook.

Can I change my program anytime?
Families have the option to switch programs with proper notice. There is a $35 administration fee to change a student's program. This fee covers administration, resource scheduling, supplies, and meal adjustments. 

Please note: KCA programs are based on availability and on a first-come-first-serve basis. A non-refundable security deposit and an email in writing with your student's desired start date will secure your spot for up to 30 days.


I am interested in enrolling my child in the part-time program, what days are available to me?

You can choose any 3 or 4 days of the week that works best with your schedule when you enroll your child. Once chosen, those days cannot be changed. As an alternative, you can request a drop-in day. We also do offer parents the option to upgrade to our full-time program anytime.  Our full-time program delivers the highest value. Program availability is based on a first-come-first-serve basis.

If my child is enrolled in your part-time program, then do you accept drop-ins? 
Yes for families who have their students enrolled in our part-time programs. We need an email request sent to us within 24 hours to verify availability, If it is available, then we will respond back with an approval email. We will ACH debit your account based on our half-day or full-day rates the following week.


If my child is enrolled in your part-time program, then can I switch or swap their days, especially when you are closed due to snow or a Federal holiday?

If you enroll your child in our part-time 3 days or 4 days program, then you cannot swap out those days due to potential staff-to-student ratios. Our part-time programs are static programs. Once you choose your days, your days are locked.    

Do you guarantee that my child will be able to re-enroll in your program if I pull my child from the program for summer break?
KCA can reserve your slot if you pre-pay your first week's tuition via secured ACH debit when your child returns at the start of the school year. The tuition prepayment will secure your child's spot through the summer. If you decide not to return in the fall, then your prepaid tuition is non-refundable.

Can we bring in home-baked goodies or other snacks?
For the health and safety of all, we do not allow home-baked goods or other home-prepared foods to be brought in due to the possibility of cross-contamination with tree nut food products. Any store-bought goodies that you plan on bringing in must be nut-free and pre-approved by one of our admin team members.

Can my child start without the school entrance form?
We must have all registration, health record forms, updated immunization records, and a copy of the student’s birth certificate on file prior to the first day of school and the VA entrance form within 30 days after the start date.

Do you allow class birthday parties?
Yes. We celebrate birthday's and host birthday parties once per month during lunchtime. Parents can participate in their child's Pizza Party. Instead of catered lunch, KCA will provide pizza, fruit, and nut-free fresh cupcakes or birthday cakes from local bakeries that offer tree nut-free baked goods.

Can I pick my child up early?
​Yes. We request that parents contact our staff prior to picking up your child early so that we can prepare your child for dismissal. Authorized parents and caregivers will have access to enter the facility during regular school hours.


Can I volunteer and partner with KCA for special events, field trips, and other activities?

We encourage all families to participate and partner with us. Just contact us to sign up!

Which holidays do you observe and are closed for?
KCA is closed on the following holidays:
Labor Day
Columbus Day
Thanksgiving Day and day after 
Christmas Eve and Christmas Day – When Christmas Day falls on the weekend then KCA is closed the following Monday - Note: We may decide to close the rest of the week if we have very low participation
Closed by noon on New Year’s Eve 

New Year's Eve - Close at noon

New Year's Day – When New Year’s Day falls on the weekend then KCA is closed the following Monday
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day
President's Day
Memorial Day
4th of July - if the 4th of July falls on a Saturday, we will be closed on Friday, if Sunday, then we will be closed on Monday.

Second or Third Friday Closed in August for Teacher In-Service Day

​If my child’s fifth birthday is after September 30, can he/she enter Kindergarten at a VA Public School?
No. The Code of Virginia (22.1-1) defines a person of school age as being 5 by September 30. We understand that this is obviously challenging for many families. As an alternative, we offer a nationally certified pre-K curriculum and depending on demand and capacity, we may offer full-day Kindergarten in the near future. 


What is included in the tuition rate? 

At KCA, we strive to deliver excellent educational experience, quality care and tremendous value for our families. 

Our full-time tuition includes the curriculum, morning and afternoon snack, catered lunch, arts and crafts supplies, field trips and special events.

Our part-time tuition includes the curriculum, morning and afternoon snack, catered lunch, arts and crafts supplies, field trips and special events.
Our weekly 2 years old morning only tuition i
ncludes the curriculum, arts and crafts supplies, and special events.

Do you offer part-time after school care for kindergarteners, first and second graders?
Yes, we do, however, it is based on space availability. You can initially choose what days work best for you or sign up for weekly after school enrichment.

Do you offer after school shuttle service?
After school shuttle service is not currently available, however, If your child is enrolled at Hamilton Elementary School, you can request to have them dropped off at our school if they are enrolled in our after school enrichment program.

Is there a registration fee to enroll my child?
KCA charges a one-time registration/enrollment fee of $125 per child and a $35 re-enrollment registration fee if you decide to pull them for summer break and re-enroll them back in the fall. Note: We do not reserve slots. They are available on a first-come/first-served basis. 

Do we have to purchase backpacks/school supplies?
Backpacks and or handbags are required. We will provide a list of supplies that your student will need prior to their first day of school. The curriculum is included.


How is tuition collected?

We collect tuition via secure and encrypted ACH debit withdrawals from your checking account. Weekly payments are collected on the first business day of every week or on the first Monday of every new month.

Do we pay when we pull our child for vacation or when you are closed on holidays and snow days?
Yes, We are a year-round open private preschool. This helps keep our rates competitive and allows us to retain our team and provide them with paid holidays and snow days off.  

Do we pay if we decide to pull our child out at the end of the school year?
You only pay if you decide to keep them enrolled in our program. Once you decide to remove your child from our program, we will need at least a two week written notice. Tuition and if applicable, any early termination fees will be assessed and collected on the last week of enrollment.

Can you hold my child's slot if we decide to pull him/her for summer break?C

If you decide to pull your child for any reason, then your child's spot can be put on hold only if we collect one week's tuition which will be non-refundable if you decide not to re-enroll your child back into the program. 


Please contact us if you have further questions or would like to learn more about our program.